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Frequently Asked Questions

How much water is needed for our body’s daily needs?
Everyone has a different body mass, so the optimal amount varies.
In general, we should drink at least 2 litres, or approximately 8 glasses,
of water a day.

Why is Ki Water good for us?
Ki Water is clean and pure water. It features a state-of-the-art purifying
process known as PURE-7. Ki Water helps to revitalize our body and
maintain good metabolism.
What is the difference between Ki Water and Ki Plus?
Ki Water helps with our body’s metabolism while Ki Plus further
assists in regulating our digestive system and addressing unpleasant
bowel movements.

Should I continue drinking Ki Plus after those symptoms subside?
There is no harm in continuing to drink Ki Plus. But if you
already have a smooth and well-regulated digestive system, we suggest you turn to Ki Water to maintain normal body functions.

Are any chemicals or additives added to Ki Water products?
Both Ki Water and Ki Plus are pure water products that do not
contain any chemicals or additives. It is through the change in the
structure of water molecules during production that helps to promote metabolism in our body.

Is it safe to drink Ki Water with medicine?
Ki Water is just like any other drinking water, so it is safe to drink with medicine.