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Ki Water | Ki Plus

Drinking Ki Water gives you 
the energy and strength you need to succeed
in your everyday life.

"Ki" means "life force" in Japanese.
It is also equivalent to "qi" or "chi", as in "qi gong" in Chinese.
Ki Water is a brand that's full of life and vitality.

Quality is our top priority. Ki Water is dedicated to offering
what's best for our valued customers. We have state-of-the-art
purification facilities to ensure best quality standards.

One of Ki Water's most unique characteristics is the use of top quality
ceramic stones during the purification process. Research
has shown that the use of ceramic stones in water treatment
can be beneficial to health. Ki Water enhances metabolism
and helps to deliver nutrients from food to body cells effectively.

Drinking Ki Water regularly gives you a healthy body and a happy life.

* Ki Water and Ki Plus are tested regularly by international bodies,
such as SGS to ensure its quality goes in accordance
to the Guidelines of Bottled Water for Drinking.