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Dr. Luke K.L. Lee, DC
Totus Healthcare

"Water is the most critical nutrient for everyone. It's the only one we
can't do without for more than a few days. Your blood is made up of 90
% water and your brain is made up of 85 %. Your muscle is 72 %, and
bone is 30 %.

Our body loses water constantly. For an average adult it is typical to lose
as much as 2 to 3 liters of water daily. This means we need to replenish
water at the same level as what is lost in order to prevent dehydration.
Dehydration is a perfect recipe for poor immune system functioning.
Unfortunately, most of the patients I see are dehydrated, particularly...

Mr. Mark Mak MSc, MBA
Member of Chartered Insititute of Marketing
United Kingdom

"I knew the drinking water offered at the office is acidic which will
do no good to my health in the long run, so I started to drink Ki
Water which is weak alkaline and should bring some benefits for
my body for the longer term.

When I did a taste testing with my daughter, she can identify which
glass is filled with Ki Water. It has been a year since I patronized,
not only it brings a wholesome health, but also the great taste
it has which makes it so drinkable for me and my family."

Mr. James Chu
McDonald's China
Former Senior Vice President

"I use Ki Water Plus for one year and find this water has been very
helpful to my health especially digestion.

I drink it every morning and feel very comfortable. I have more power
and strength to help many people and glorify God."

Professor Yip Wai Man
香港茶道總會創會會長 (President of Teasim Alliance Hong Kong),
1996香港十大傑出青年 (Ten Outstanding Young Persons
Selection 1996 Hong Kong),
2009世界傑出華人 (World Outstanding Chinese 2009)


Mr. John Cornforth

"Not only is Ki Water refreshing and delicious it’s also healthy!
I found the delivery service quick and reliable and
would definitely recommend it to friends!"